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author, musician, composer

Rick was raised in Kansas City but eventually found his way to Venice, CA, where he endured a decades-long career writing songs and composing music for film and television, earning three Emmy awards in the process. He now holds an MFA in fiction from Pacific University and writes short stories, satirical essays, and poems, many of which can be found in The Wising Up Press, Sediment, Flash Fiction Magazine, Star 82 Review, Medusa’s Laugh Press, Driftwood, Switchback, The Big Smoke America, and elsewhere. He hosts and produces the ACME Writing Academy podcast, a semi-regular writerly gabfest.


Rick has two grown daughters and lives with his wife and other animals in Santa Monica. He enjoys playing keyboards in his bar band and barbecuing the toughest parts of the pig, but mostly would rather be fishing.  


Once upon a time in a faraway galaxy I wrote theme music for TV shows. Here are some of my favorites.

Relentlessly YoursR. Krizman feat. Deborah Holland
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"Open House." Drunk Monkeys, January, 2023 (Read)


"Red Geraniums." Hypertext Magazine, 2022 (Read)


"Heartburst." Montana Mouthful, Vol. 4, Issue 2, 2021 (Read)

"Knock-Knock: a fibonacci sonnet" The Fib Review, #45 (Read)


"Beast of a Thousand Burdens." From the Depths, 2020 (Read)


"Heart-wrenching." New Flash Fiction Review, Issue 21, 2019  (Read)


"Interception." Writer's Atelier, January, 2020 (Buy)


"Blue Tip." The Molotov Cocktail, Vol. 10, Issue 10, 2019  (Read)

"little gods." Phantom Drift #8, January, 2019  (Buy)

"The Second Coming." Belletrist Magazine, June, 2019  (Read)


"Spring Melons." West Texas Literary Review, June, 2018  (Read)


"It Was You." The New Engagement, Vol.1, No. 2  (Buy)


"Omaha." Dogwood Literary Journal, 2018  (Buy)

"A Field Guide to Billionaires." 45th Parallel  (Read)

"Asteroid."  Switchback, Summer issue, 2017 (Read)

"An Early Threat of Winter."  Driftwood, Vol 4, Issue 4, 2017 (Read)

"Cantaloupe Island."  The Kindness of Strangers Anthology, The Wising Up Press, 2016 (Buy)

"Merciful Heavens."  Sediments Literary-Arts Journal, 2016 (Read)

"The Nursery of Story Ideas." Flash Fiction Magazine, 04/2016  (Read)

"A Lighter Shade of Pale Fire."  Medusa's Laugh Press, 2017 

"An Alternative History of the Future."  The Big Smoke, 2017 (Read)

   --"I Dream of Donald."  (Read)

   --"First Day of School."  (Read)

"Broken." Star 82 Review, issue 2.3, Fall, 2014  (Read)

"Let it Be." (poem)  Alexandria Quarterly, 2017  (Read)





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